Nonna Carla’s Sugo al Pomodoro

Prep 10 mins • Cooking 2 hours

1 large carrot
1 celery stick
half an onion
1 tin tomato polpa / crushed tomato
olive oil
pinch of sugar
salt to taste

1 On a low heat saute the roughly diced vegetables in a good drizzle of olive oil and a generous pinch of salt until the vegetables are cooked (they shouldn’t be browned)
2 Add the tin of tomato, fill the tomato tin with water and add to the saucepan & the sugar. Bring to a simmer then turn down the heat and slowly simmer for at least 30 minutes.
3 Once the sugo has cooled down, pass it through a mouli or puree in a blender. Use straight away or portion & freeze.

Fresh pasta is always delicious but if you are short for time your favourite spaghetti is perfect. Remember to cook the pasta in plenty of salted boiling water (1L water / 100g pasta), use a timer and follow the cooking instructions.

Heat your sugo in a saucepan and then as soon as your pasta is cooked, strain it & add to the sauce along with little of the pasta cooking water & a good drizzle of olive oil and toss for a couple of minutes over a low/medium heat, portion in bowls & finish with your favourite hard cheese.