Benvenuti to “Il Garganello”

Garganelli is the name given to the shape of fresh pasta Matteo’s dear Nonna Pia used to make, and originates from the city of Imola, Emilia Romagna. The little squares are rolled around a little stick on the diagonal and then pressed along a little “pettine” (translates to comb) to give the fine ridges which will help the sugo attach to the pasta. The result looks a little like penne, however Garganelli are made one by one – a true labour of love!

I lived in Parma, Emilia Romagna with Matteo for 5 years until 2011, however my love for Italian food started in 1991 on my very first overseas trip, taking an art and history tour with my school and covering most of the famous boot including Palermo. I still recall the bus stopping in Campagna to visit a mozzarella di bufala producer and devouring this beautiful fresh cheese still warm from production!! I worked throughout University to fund my obsession with Italy and France and most backpacking memories are recollections of food and food markets. My mum said to me one day that I would have to find a job that paid me to travel, and that’s exactly what I did, working as a wine and later food export manager for most of my career until Matteo and I decided to return to Australia and then Casa Carboni was born.

We are often asked by guests for recommendations of places to go in Italy and I hope this blog will be useful for future travellers. The recipes will range from the traditional to Matteo’s simple yet delicious creations.

Un abbraccio e buon viaggio,


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